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36 packs per box. 10 cards per pack

◾(1) Autograph or Relic Card
◾(12) Topps 60th Anniversary
◾(1) Topps 60th Anniversary Buyback
◾(9) All-Time Fantasy Legends
◾(9) Fantasy Focus, (6) 1,000 Yard Club, (6) 4,000 Yard Club, (6) Past & Present Performers, (6) Road to Victory
◾(36) Rookie Cards


◾Topps Autographs - Top NFL players of the past, present and future.
◾Topps 60th Anniversary Autographs - Each autographed card will feature a special foil stamped 60th Anniversary logo. NEW!
◾Base Veteran & Rookie Autographs
◾Base Veteran & Rookie PhotoVariation Autographs
◾Topps Relics - Top NFL players of the past, present and future.


◾Topps Autograph Relics #’d to 50 or less.
◾In the Name Relics Letters from the nameplate of veteran jerseys #’d 1/1.
◾NFLPA Rookie Premiere Autographs On-Card

◾On-Card Autographs RED #’d to 10.
◾ NFLPA Rookie Premiere Dual Autographs

◾ Dual On-Card Autographs RED #’d to 5.

◾NFLPA Rookie Premiere Quad Autograph – #’d to 10
◾Ultimate Rookie Autograph Card – On-Card Autograph book card featuring all of the subjects from the 2015 NFLPA Rookie Premiere #’d to 5
◾Rookie Autographed Jumbo Patch #’d to 50
◾NFLPA Rookie Premiere Autographed VIP Pass

◾Rookie Autographs On-Card - 1963 Topps Mini, 1976 Topps Rookie, 1987 Topps Super
•Commemorative Relic Cards - NFL's Best from the Past & Present

◾Topps Quarterback, Running Back & Wide Receiver Fantasy Clubs

◾Parallels - Bronze #'d to 75, Silver #'d to 50, Gold #'d to 25

◾Topps 60 Anniversary Commemorative Relics

◾Parallels - Silver #'d to 50, Gold #'d to 25

◾NFL Super Bowl Patch - Starting from Super Bowl I, #’d to 50

•Insert Sets include:

◾Topps 60th Anniversary. (1:3 packs) NEW!
◾Topps 60th Anniversary Buybacks (1 per hobby box)

◾All-Time Fantasy Legends (1:4 packs) NEW!
◾Fantasy Focus (1:4 packs)

◾1,000 Yard Club (1:6 packs)
◾4,000 Yard Club (1:6 packs)
◾Past & Present Performers (1:6 packs) NEW!
◾Road to Victory (1:6 packs) NEW!

•(500) Card Base Set includes:

◾Veterans (240)
◾Rookie Cards (99) - (1:Pack)
◾Fantasy Studs (35) NEW!
◾Topp 60 (60) NEW!
◾And MORE!

•Base Parallel Cards include:

◾Gold #'d to 2015, BCA Pink #'d to 499, Camo - #'d to 399, 60th Anniversary - foil stamped #'d to 60 HOBBY AND HOBBY JUMBO ONLY! NEW!, Platinum Foil- #’d 1/1, Printing Plates – HOBBY AND HOBBY JUMBO ONLY!
◾Rookie & Veteran Base Card Variations - Image variations from the NFLPA Rookie Premiere Limited