Miller's Sports World

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4 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

2015 Museum Collection Baseball delivers:

  • (1) On-Card Autograph
  • (1) Autograph Relic Card
  • (1) Quad Relic Card and
  • (1) Jumbo Relic Card.
  • Every Case includes (1) Autographed Jumbo Relic Card and (1) Framed Museum Collection On-Card Autograph. No card in the entire set is numbered higher than 399!


◾(1) On-Card Autograph Per Box

◾NEW! Premium Prints - B&W Photo signed in silver ink
◾Archival Autographs - //s - Gold, Sepia
◾Dual & Triple Archival Autographs
◾Cut Signatures - 20

◾(1) Autographed Relic Card Per Box

◾Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs - w/ Autograph and TWO Relics - //s - Gold &, Patch
◾Single-Player Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs - w/ an Autograph and THREE Relics - //s - Gold & Patch
◾Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic Autographs - 1 player, FOUR Game-Worn Memorabilia pieces and Autograph

◾(1) Jumbo Relic Card Per Box ◾Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate - 50+ players.
◾Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Relics Book Card - w/ a JUMBO Game-Used Relic from 2 players
◾Dual Jumbo Lumber Relics - Book cards with a JUMBO Game-Used Bat Slice from two players, #'d to 5
◾Momentous Material Jumbo Relics - Over-sized game-used mem -//s- Gold, Copper, Emerald
◾Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics - w/ JUMBO Patch
◾Momentous Materials Laundry Tag Relic
◾Museum Memorabilia - MLB Logos

◾(1) Quad Relic Card Per Box

◾Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics - //s - Copper, Gold
◾Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic Legends - Gold //
◾Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics - //s - Copper, Gold
◾Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Patch Relics - 1 player and FOUR Game-Worn Patch pieces
◾Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Patch Relics - 4 players and 4 Game-Worn Patch pieces

◾(1) Autographed Jumbo Relic Card Per Case

◾Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Autographs - w/ JUMBO Relic and Autograph - //s Gold, Emerald

◾(1) Framed Museum Collection On-Card Autograph Per Case

◾Museum Collection - 50+ players, signed on-card, framed in four versions:

◾Gold, Silver, Black, Wood NEW

◾Canvass Collection

◾Canvas Collection Originals - Original art by top artists
◾Canvas Collection Reprints - art reproduced. (1) Per Box!

◾Base Cards (100) - Parallels - Copper, Blue, Red
◾Box-Toppers - Framed Jersey Nameplate Cards - 20 over-sized cards w/ Game-Worn Jersey Nameplates in a metal framing.