2018 Panini Origins Football Hobby Box

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1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.

2018 Panini Origins NFL Football Cards delivers:

  • (1) Rookie Autograph Signed ON-CARD
  • (1) JUMBO Rookie Autographed Patch Card and
  • (1) JUMBO or Patch Memorabilia Card in Every Box!


  • (1) Rookie Autograph Signed ON-CARD in Every Box! - Find ON-CARD rookie autographs from the 2018 NFL Draft Class with Rookie Autographs, Passing Stars, Rushing Stars, Receiving Stars & Quad Rookie Autographs.
    • Find bold ON-CARD autographs of the top 2018 NFL Rookies, which parallel to Red (max #’d /99), Blue (max #’d /49), Turquoise (max #’d /25), Gold (max #’d /10), Green (max #’d /5), and Black (#’d 1/1).
    • Find combinations of only the top skill position rookies in Quad Rookie Autographs. These limited ON-CARD autographs will feature the top quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers in the 2018 rookie class.
  • (1) JUMBO Rookie Autographed Patch Card in Every Box!
    • Find bold ON-CARD autographs of the top 2018 NFL Rookies, which parallel to Red (max #’d /99), Blue (max #’d /49), Turquoise (max #’d /25), Gold (max #’d /10), Green (max #’d /5), and Black Brand Logo (#’d 1/1).
  • (1) JUMBO or Patch Memorabilia Card in Every Box!
    • Search for OVER-SIZED jersey swatches and patches in Rookie Jumbo Jerseys, which parallel to Red (max #’d /99), Orange (max #’d /75), Blue (max #’d /49), Turquoise (max #’d/25), Gold (max #’d /10), Green (max #’d 5), and Black (#’d 1/1).
  • Additional Autograph & Memorabilia Content
    • In Passing Stars Signatures, Rushing Stars Signatures & Receiving Stars Signatures look for a limited number of inscribed autographs with some of each player’s greatest accomplishments.
    • Origins Autographs features a unique design and showcases Bronze Ink (max #’d /99), Silver Ink (max #’d /25), and Gold Ink (max #’d /10) ON-CARD autographs.
    • Hunt for the always-popular booklet autograph cards, which include Rookie Booklet Patch Auto, Six-Star Signature Booklet & Rookie Stars Dual Signatures Booklet.
      • Look for Six-Star Signature Booklet cards, featuring ON-CARD autographs of the top skill position rookies in the NFL.
    • Find OVER-SIZED patch autographs in Rookie Booklet Patch Auto (max #’d /49) which parallel to Gold (max #’d /25), Gloves (#’d /2), NFL Shield (#’d 1/1) and Nike Laundry Tag (#’d 1/1).