2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

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24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

2019 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Cards delivers:

  • (3) Hits including ON-CARD Autographs, Relics, Original A&G Buybacks, Book Cards, Cut Signatures & Rip Cards
  • PLUS (1) Box Loader in Every Box! Topps Allen & Ginter celebrates the world’s greatest champions and most iconic figures.


  • (3) Hits including ON-CARD Autographs, Relics, Original A&G Buybacks, Book Cards, Cut Signatures & Rip Cards in Every Box!
    • Full-Size Relics – Featuring MLB Players, world champion athletes, and personalities.
    • Mini Relics – Highlighting the most collectible rookies and Stars of MLB
      NEW! Presidential Pieces Mini Relics - Highlighting relics from past Presidents and the White House. Sequentially numbered to 25. HOBBY ONLY!
    • DNA Mini Relics - Highlighting various ancient fossils. HOBBY ONLY!
    • NEW! Full Size Arrow Head Relics - Sequentially numbered to 5. HOBBY ONLY!
    • NEW! "Have Ball, Will Travel" Token Relics - Pairing current and retired stars with mass transit tokens from team cities. Sequentially numbered to 5. HOBBY ONLY!
    • Allen & Ginter Framed Originals– 100 original Allen & Ginter buyback cards. Numbered 1-of-1. HOBBY ONLY!
    • Autographed Relic Book Cards – Book cards containing a player autograph and a jumbo-size relic piece, #'d to 10
    • Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards – Pairing 2 MLB players with relics and autographs from both, #'d to 10
    • Famed Mini Autographs - Highlighting MLB greats, current stars, rookies, personalities, and world champions!
      • Black Framed Parallels #'d to 25, Red Ink Parallel – Limited HOBBY ONLY!
    • Cut Signatures – Showcasing historical and pop culture figures. Numbered 1-of-1
    • Rip Cards - (2) in Every Case!
      • Single Rip Cards – Up to 100 subjects. Cards with mini cards inside, #'d TBD
      • Double Rip Cards – Up to 45 pairings. Cards contain two mini cards within, #'d TBD, HOBBY ONLY!
        • Rip Card EXCLUSIVE Content Includes:
          • Artist Originals – Actual paintings on mini cards. Numbered 1-of-1
          • Mini Exclusives – Mini base cards numbered 351-400
          • Mini Metal Exclusives – #'d to 3
          • Mini Wood Exclusives – Numbered 1-of-1
          • NEW! Stained Glass Variation Exclusives - 1 per boxloader rip card
  • NEW! Inserts & Mini Insert Cards
    • Ginter Greats - Highlighting 50 of the greatest to ever hold a bat and ball!
    • Baseball Star Signs - Pairing star players with their astrological signs
    • Mares and Stallions - Featuring select horse breeds
    • Incredible Equipment - Featuring legendary weapons and tools from fictional characters. Look for LIMITED RELIC PARALLELS!
    • The History of Flight - From Kitty Hawk to the Moon and beyond
    • Collectible Canines - Man's best friend takes center stage here, showcasing various breeds
    • Look out Below - Celebrating the most picturesque waterfalls from around the world
    • Chugging Along - Featuring all different types of engines
    • Lost Languages - Highlighting languages and dialects no longer spoken
    • In Bloom - Rare and beautiful flora are featured
    • Dreams of Blue Ribbons - The world's most curious contests are showcased
  • (1) Box Loader in Every Box!
    • Regular - The game’s most collectible rookies and stars.
    • Autographs – #'d to 15
    • NEW! Look Out Below – Limited!
    • Allen & Ginter N43 – Greats of the game on a classic card format. Limited!
    • Allen & Ginter N43 Autograph Parallel – #'d to 15
    • NEW! Boxloader Rip Cards!